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What’s New With Sending Pictures and Videos Via Text Message?

  • By Integr8

sunsetWe’ve already seen the cool new feature where you can respond to a text without actually going into the Messages app, so today I’d like to share with you how to easily send photos and videos via text messaging.  I truly believe that Apple has done a phenomenal job making this much more user friendly. While the ability to send photos and videos isn’t new, how you interact with this feature is so let’s continue on to explore the differences.

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Respond To A Text Within Different Apps

  • By Integr8

message_iconOne thing that always frustrated me with prior iOS releases was the requirement of leaving my current app in order to respond to a text.  In all reality, this seems like a small task; however, it has increased my productivity quite a bit.  I can be checking or writing an email, researching something in Safari or posting something on the Integr8 Facebook page when a text comes in.  Before, I’d have to close the app I was currently in and open the Messages app to respond, then switch back.  If I decided to finish my first task before responding, I found that I’d forget to even respond back to the person.  Now, I don’t have that problem.  The following screenshots are examples of what it looks like to receive and respond to a text within a separate app.

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