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Find My iPhone



Buying A New iOS Device? Check This Out First.

  • By Integr8

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As many of you might be aware already, Apple has taken steps to help protect it’s customers from becoming victims of hardware theft.  With iOS 7, they introduced a feature called Activation Lock.  When you sign in to iCloud on your Apple mobile devices, not only do you have access to Find My iPhone but in the event that it is stolen, the device will be useless without having the proper username and password for the iCloud account associated with it.  Apple’s goal with implementing this feature was to deter criminals from stealing Apple technology.  While in a perfect world, this would mean that no one would ever steal your iPhone again; however, the fact is, there are some people out there who don’t seem to care. Apple is aware of this reality and has yet again given us a tool to help protect us.

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