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Data Recovery



Data recovery for the iPhone? Yes, it is possible.

  • By Integr8


I recently had a client who’s phone wasn’t able to be retrieved under any circumstances. When I got the call I was reminded of numerous past experiences I’ve had when working at the Apple Store. Luckily, the stars were aligned and we were able to work together in getting the information that was on the device, even without the device present. It was because of this success story that I’m posting this blog.

After getting the phone call, my heart sank a bit knowing that most of us keep some valuable things on our phone that we can never imagine losing. Immediately, I started researching what kind of options there were for getting some if not all of the important data back and accessible to my client. I came across Dr. Fone, a data recovery software by a company called Wondershare. While Dr. Fone is compatible with iOS devices, it also works with other platforms such as Android. For todays purposes, we will be covering how it works with Apple’s mobile devices.

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